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jk, I’m keeping this blog

because y’all wanna sleep on my royal edits on my multifandom blog smh i’m finally getting back into editing mary though, so i’ll keep this blog just to reblog my edits from my main blog so y’all can just keep following this one

if y’all want to talk to me though, follow this blog


Crown Princess Mary for The Australian Women’s Weekly | 80th Birthday Edition

So for a while I have been agonising over the fact that the fandom doesn’t seem to have a collective edit tag for edits, gifs, graphics and whatnot of royalty.

Often the “royals” or “royalty” tags are filled with spam, reposts and things generally unrelated to royals. Therefore I propose we may use “royaltyedit” as our tag for edits/gifs of royals. Some of us have used it for a while and I find it to be extremely delightful to know that if I am looking for pretty edits, gifsets and graphics of royals, I know where to go. It helps your work to reach further and you will be able to discover new blogs.

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Queen Margrethe II alongside various heads of states are in France today to commemorate the 70th anniversary of D-Day. The Queen like majority of the leaders met with various veterans of the war.

Source: Kongehuset

official letter of abdication by King Juan Carlos via x

maryandkateourfuturequeens said: HEY! When is your birthday?? :D

on monday next week i’m gonnan be old i’m cryin

Anonymous said: still waiting for those requests :P .....

lol yeah i’ll get to them after my birthday probably i just have no desire to open photoshop rn


Crown Princess Mary on magazine covers. (x)

"Shouldn’t we cut the cake as a wedding cake?"