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A little girl almost climbed onto Crown Princess Mary’s lap at yesterday’s visit to Sønderbro Skole (I’m not jealous at all, what are you talking about, you’re jealous).

Childhood USA followed me, so you should follow them. (✿◠‿◠)


From Princess Madeleine’s Facebook:

I’m so happy to share the next phase of the Thank You campaign that I have been working on: #ThankYouFestival! On June 26th Tiësto will headline a festival presented by Childhood USA and Global Citizen to celebrate progress for all the world's children. Every child has the right to a happy childhood, and now, as a new mother, my work with Childhood is as meaningful as ever. I'm excited to connect with young people in the US on the important issue of child protection.” Learn more here: [x]


This is Frederik, Crown Prince of Denmark, Count of Monpezat, RE, SKmd (last bunch of letters are knighthoods), the future King Frederik X of Denmark.

He looks harmless in his suit and scraggly beard but let me tell you what y’all don’t know about the Prince of Denmark, this guy ain’t a weepy Hamlet.

First up, he was a member of the Royal Life Guards - they’re the people outside the royal palace who look like this:

British Royal Guards totally copied our hats, too, the posers.

As with many dumb-looking ceremonial soldiers, these guys are an ABSURDLY disciplined corp of elite servicemen, (and yes, they ARE allowed to use violence if they consider that your dumbass selfie-posing bullshit is a threat to security so mind your business) whose primary task is guarding the Royal Family - Prince Frederik was literally a member of his own staff of bodyguards.

Then he went on to be recognissance platoon commander of the Royal Guard Hussars. These are the guys who often look like this:

British mounted royal guards have to wear helmets and chest-plates. Wimps!

But just as often look like this:

"Hey kid, here’s ten bucks if you go shout ‘wankers!’ at the British forces."

Once again, as with most dumb-looking regiments, these guys are HELLA elite, deploying commando units and mounted escorts in service of the Royal Family (again with the “being his own bodyguard”)

THEN he went on to join the Danish Frømandskorps (literally: “the Frog Man Corp”), whose silly uniforms look like this:

"Boats are for pussies. We’ll SWIM to Lindisfarne."

If you want a point of comparison, these guys are basically Navy SEALS except also Vikings and almost everything about them is strictly classified. So if you’re at the beach one day and someone silently disappears beneath the waves, I’m not saying it’s the Frog Man Corp, but it’s almost certainly the Frog Man Corp.

Before you even start, no, those were not honorary positions. It wasn’t like a military dictator thing where he just makes up military ranks to bestow on himself, he ACTUALLY lived and trained with these guys. They even gave him a nickname, “Pingu.”

Yes, THAT Pingu.

Which also goes to show that first of all, the Frog Man Corp do not give a fuck about royal birth (“oh, you’re the crown prince? Fuck that, you’re a clay penguin, now polish your boots right, bitch!”), and second that they have excellent taste in children’s television.

Then in the 2000s, not satisfied with being an amphibious top secret hunter-killer who is also his own bodyguard, he joined the Sirius Patrol, whose uniforms look like this:

Yeah that’s right. Our army is made of Frog Men and FUCKING WEREWOLVES.

… Well, okay no, the Patrol are the guys on the sleds BEHIND the dogs. But that doesn’t mean they’re not werewolves! You’ll never know if they are. You CAN’T know. All I’m saying is don’t go near the Royal Palace during the full moon.

Their jobs are basically driving sleds around Greenland, looking for anybody who’s trying to start shit and kicking their ass until they get the message. Presumably this means yetis and wampas because I’m pretty sure they’re the only goddamn things that can survive the kinds of temperatures you get when you’re within driving distance of the North Pole.

Well okay. Yetis, Wampas and Canadians.

So what did he do in the Sirius patrol, sit around his Royal Backside in a nice warm lodge drinking cocoa while other people did all the dog-driving and werewolfing and yeti beat-upping?

Guess again! He participated in the Sirius 2000 Expedition, a 2800 km, four month exploration of Northern Greenland - aka Viking Spring Break. Just for scale, 2800 kilometres is roughly the distance from Winnipeg to Monterrey, except you never get to leave Winnipeg and it’s winter the entire time and also you’re on a fucking dog sled in a frozen lifeless tundra full of either snow-blindness or eternal night and cosmic radiation.

Cosmic radiation, by the way, also the secret origin of Canadians.

After that he spent some time at the Royal Danish Air Force College learning to fly high powered jet planes and ride into the danger zone and being a senior lecturer with the Institute of Strategy at the Royal Danish Defence College, eventually marrying a beautiful Tasmanian woman he met while winning boat races in the Olympics.

Nowadays he’s mostly busy having children and supporting scientific research, being a climate ambassador for Denmark, running marathons, running a foundation to help students study social sciences at Harvard, being a patron for the Save the Children fund and the Save the Gays foundation (yes you read that right), and, of course, preparing to ascend to the throne when Queen Margrethe II eventually dies (most likely) or retires (not in a million years).

"From my cold, dead hands, bitch!"

tl;dr, Royal Families are cool. Except when they’re warmongering lunatics with endless mistresses who keep building phallic symbols everywhere, or somewhat inbred mentally ill people controlled by advisors and royal doctors who are also boning their wives.


Oz tour engagements

Place: Plunket Society

Site: x

Since: 1907

What they do: ”A not-for-profit organisation, Plunket is New Zealand’s largest provider of services to support the health and development of children under five. Nine out of 10 Kiwis are ‘Plunket babies’. 

In addition to free health checks and home and clinic visits, Plunket offers a range of local community services including parenting education courses, playgroups, parent support groups, car seat rentals, toy libraries.All our community services and the maintenance and upgrade of Plunket clinics are delivered and funded by dedicated volunteers.Plunket also assists families to access a wide range of health and social services within the community and, where appropriate, refers clients to an extensive array of support agencies that help ensure families receive the most appropriate care.” (from their site)

What the Cambridges did: They participated of Plunket Parent Playgroup  at Government House. They meet approximately 10 ”Plunket” families and joined a Plunket parent support group with children with the same age as George.

How to help: Donating here or/and becoming a volunteer



Sofia Hellqvist borrowing stuff from her future sister-in-laws

Madeleline’s J.Crew sweater 

Victoria’s Cooee feather earrings

Victoria’s Malene Birger jacket 

Lays down.
Tries not to cry.
Cries a lot.

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